I am from Sacramento, California. Growing up I was educated in Catholic schools and entertained by Windows 95/98, Nintendo, science fiction, and television. A religious upbringing and an exposure to philosophy and world religion studies instilled a desire to question and entertain alternative schools of thought. I consider my point of view to be that of the consumer. Marketing campaigns for toy fads, video games, and television defined my experience growing up. You don’t grow out of being a targeted demographic for advertisement. I feel formed by advertising and consumption equally as much as I have been formed by Catholic education. This conditioning into a sort of cult of consumerism seems to parallel some of the same effects of religion or a higher power. After watching Richard Serra’s Television Delivers People lead me to look at social media as the newest and possibly the most effective medium for consumption. Social media provides an even more streamlined view into the effects of consumerism. As reliance and acceptance of technology and media being fully integrated in human life increases so to does the effectiveness of consumerism. My work tries to set up different views into the interrelationship between the digital age and human consumption and the effects of technology on the human condition. I am interested in the role that technology and media play in influencing perceptions of the self similar to the ways buying things or going to church can make you feel good. I look to apply aspects of Christianity in exploring the intangibles that digital technology and religion seem to share and the effects this has on consciousness and the human experience. I am influenced by science fiction literature such as the work of authors Thomas More and E.M. Forster and films such as, Akira, Brazil, Blade Runner, and THX 1138. And influenced by artists John Cage, Nam June Paik, Bas Jan Ader, and Vito Acconci. My practice consists of experimenting with sound, video, software, coding, and prototyping as a means to present different ways of viewing the effects of technology and consumerism on humans in the modern age.